20 Mart 2014 Perşembe

LESSON SEVENTEEN-How many seconds make a minute?

LESSON SIXTEEN-What's your address?

LESSON FIFTEEN-What do we write with?

LESSON FOURTEEN-What's a quarter of ten?

LESSON THIRTEEN-Are your shoes the same as my shoes?

LESSON TWELVE-Are both of us sitting?

LESSON ELEVEN-How much is half thirteen?

LESSON TEN-Do you speak English?

LESSON NINE-Have I two eyes?

LESSON EIGHT-What's his name?

LESSON SEVEN-What's the plural of foot?

LESSON SIX-Is Greece in Asia?

LESSON FIVE-I'm neither a teacher nor a student !

LESSON FOUR-Where's the table?

LESSON THREE-What colour's this pencil?

LESSON TWO-What're you doing?

LESSON ONE-When you're in and out...