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Quotes with Shrek

Untold Tales of Spider-Man 05


Untold Tales of Spider-Man 04


Untold Tales of Spider-Man 03


Untold Tales of Spider-Man 02


Calvin and Hobbes

Quotes with Famous Movies

Blueberry - Angel Face


Blueberry - Ballad for a Coffin


Batman 80-page giant #3


Batman 80-page giant #2


Batman 80-page giant #1


Calvin and Hobbes


Beetle Bailey

Alone 02 - The Master of Knives


Quotes with Famous Movies

CORTO MALTESE - Fort Wheeling

Agatha Christie - Murder on the Orient Express


Agatha Christie - Murder on The Links


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The Bus

Beetle Bailey


Quotes with the Famous Movies

Dennis the Menace

LUCKY LUKE - Calamity Jane


Zorro In Old California

Alone 01 - The Disappearance